This is the list of publications I contributed to in the past. Where possible public link to the documents are available (last check on 26/3/2022)!


5G CORAL Connected Cars Taiwan Trial Nov 2018

Nov, 2018, 5G CORAL Connected Car video demo for the intermediate Taiwan trials

5G CORAL D1.2 5G-CORAL business perspectives

Aug 31, 2018

An Integrated, Virtualized Joint Edge and Fog Computing System with Multi-RAT ConvergenceAn Integrated, Virtualized Joint Edge and Fog Computing System with Multi-RAT Convergence

IEEE · Jun 6, 2018

5G CORAL D2.1 Initial design of 5G-CORAL Edge and Fog computing system

Jun 1, 2018

5G-CORAL D4.1 Testbed definition, integration and demonstration plans

May 27, 2018

5G-CORAL D1.1 Initial system design, use cases, and requirements

Feb 28, 2018


5G NORMA D6.2 Demonstrator design, implementation and final results

Nov 30, 2017

5G NORMA D4.2 RAN Architecture components – Final report

June 30, 2017

5G innovations for new business opportunities

5G Infrastructure Association, Feb 1, 2017


5G NORMA D4.1 RAN architecture components – Intermediate report

Nov 30, 2016

5G NORMA D6.1 Demonstrator design, implementation and initial set of experiments

Oct 1, 2016

Achieving low-latency communication in future wireless networks : the 5G NORMA approach

Extended abstract submitted on invitation at EuCNC 2016, Accepted on 6 May 2016 · Jun 1, 2016

Contributors: A. Colazzo, R. Ferrari, R. Lambiase


5G NORMA Deliverable D3.1: Functional Network Architecture and Security Requirements

Dec 31, 2015

5G NORMA D2.1: Use cases, scenarios and requirements5G NORMA D2.1: Use cases, scenarios and requirements

Oct 30, 2015


Time-Domain Cognitive Sensor NetworkingTime-Domain Cognitive Sensor Networking

CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group · Dec 9, 2014CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group · Dec 9, 2014

Based on my Master Thesis, a chapter contribution in Cognitive Networks: Applications and Deployments, edited by J. Lloret, K. Zrar Ghafoor, D. B. Rawat, J. M. Aguiar, pp. 145-167, CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group, 2014.

Contributors: A. Colazzo, S. Busanelli, G. Ferrari, J.-M. Dricot